Important notice about shipping with DPD

We now require that all orders sent by DPD must be shipped with insurance (extended liability).

The DPD extended liability costs 1% of your chosen declared value. Our default declared value is 100% of your order unless otherwise stated.

We have included the minimum charge for extended liability of £7/€8.12 in the cost of DPD shipping. This covers you for up to £5000/€812. 

If your shipment is more than this amount, please select  "DPD Extended Liability" or its SKU "DPD-INS" at DSK B2B portal, or if you are already logged in, please click on the link below

Cost of DPD Extended Liability

EU shipment: Base rate of 8.12 Euro for coverage of 800 Euro. Any value higher than 800 Euro, 1% of the higher value will be added to insurance.

Eg. If your order is worth 2000 euro, 800 euro is covered by 8.12 Euro and 1% of the 2000-800=1200 euro , which is 12 Euro will be added to the base rate, making it 20.12 Euro.

UK Shipment: Base rate of 7GBP for coverage of up to 5000 GBP. 

Reason for Mandatory Extended Liability

DPD is good value for shipping large items with low weight. It also sends these goods in a reasonably short period of time. However this company is known for damaging parcels through rough handling in transit or even losing them by recklessly leaving them with unauthorized personnel.  

While DPD's competitive price vs loss rate works well for retail, it is a totally different ballpark for B2B wholesale, where a single parcel could amass thousands of pounds. Therefore,  in order to protect your investment DSK now will only ship DPD with added insurance. 

Alternative means of shipping

1) DHL - in our cooperation with DHL in the past years, not a single parcel was ever lost and their service for damage is exceptionally good. There is no need for additional insurance when shipping with DHL.

2) DSK Tec Distribution Ltd. accepts pick-up services, you can arrange for your choice of courier to turn up at our warehouse and pick up the order. There is no charge for handling.