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DSK is a trade supplier so only our approved resellers can view prices and place order with us. Please allow 2 working days for us to review your application. 

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Partner with DSK

Occasionally bad things happen. Although we work hard with our suppliers to make sure your products are of the best quality, occasionally one slips through. We make it as painless as possible to get things sorted out.

As we are based in the UK you receive goods direct from the UK rather than waiting for overseas shipping and customs clearances. Any returns are also sent straight back to us to make everything as quick as possible.

Unlike most of other electronics when a fault happens it would simply stop working.  If a fault occurred on a flying drone there could be more subsequent damages, making warranty assessment even harder to perform. But worry not, we are here to help.

We will make sure your exchanges and returns are evaluated and issued quickly for you. 

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