Shipping FAQs

Q. Is the quoted shipping price the final price?

The quoted price is an estimate. Once we receive your order we will pack and weigh your products and calculate an actual shipping cost based on the carrier you chose. We will then invoice you with the final shipping price for your order. 

Q. Which shipping carriers does DSK use?

We offer shipping with two courier services; DPD and DHL

Q. Can I use my own courier service?

Yes. You can check out without a shipping cost added and leave us a note and arrange pick up yourself. You will be liable for the items once they are collected by your courier.

Q. How is the shipping cost calculated?

Shipping is calculated by weight and volume. Products that have a high weight to volume such as batteries will have shipping calculated by weight. Products that have a low weight to volume such as bags or props will have shipping calculated by volume. We estimate per product but as your final order will be a mix of products the final shipping price may change between your order and your invoice. Please wait for your invoice to make a payment.

Q. Why did the shipping price jump when I added one small product?

Our carriers use shipping bands to calculate price. If you have noticed a price jump this is due to moving into the next band. For EU customers DPD charge per 30kg box so moving from 1 box to 2 can be a noticeable price jump. We will fit as much as possible into each box for you to make the price as low as possible.

Q. Which carrier service should I choose?

At checkout you will see the option to select shipping. You will have the choice of either carrier and an estimated cost for each one. We leave the choice up to you.