Dquad Obsession X and Stretch frames

RRP: £81.50 / €95.00

A combination of carbon plus aluminum and the fact you can easily swap arms make sure you get as much flight time (and crashes) as possible.

Bare frame weight is 104 grams

A very simple PDB with ESC +/- connections has been designed to make for very clean builds.
A second carbon bottomplate is also included in case a PDB is not needed.
1 Note that the stretched version of the Obsession does NOT come with a PDB.

The aluminum brackets form a very strong rollcage which protect all important hardware.
The carbon sideplates have a series of holes so you can mount and adjust the FPV camera (optimized for HS1190)

A 30 and 40 degrees Gopro Session mount .stl file is availabe for download which can be 3D printed and mounted to the frame with use of the supplied spacers and bolts. No strap is needed.

Download Manual here