Furious FPV

FuriousFPV Piko F4 OSD

RRP: £34.95 / €39.95

Features & Specifications

- Built-in OSD

- Built-in Current sensor (maximum 75A)

- Invensense 20602 gyro for high speed 32khz, lowest noise floor and highest sensitivity

- Can be used hexcopters

- Full UART1, UART4, UART6

- Camera can only be used with 5V

- Supports Betaflight Peripheral configuration

- Five UARTs for Simultaneous Connections of USB, 

S.BUS, S.PORT, TBS Micro Rx or GPS Antenna, Telemetry VTX

- Built-In Driver Inverter for S.BUS and Smart PORT Connection

- Integrated Soft Mount Silicone Damping for Maximum FC Functionality

- Inrush Voltage Protection Input & Output via Transient Voltage Suppressor

- High Quality 5V@1.5A BEC w/ 2S - 6S Voltage Input Range

- Fully Capable to Power Rx via USB Port

- Clean and Easy to connect with 4in1 ESC

- Dimensions: 27x27x5.6mm

- Weight: 4.7gr

- Voltage Range: 2S-6S LiPo