Furious FPV

FuriousFPV Stealth Mini VTX

RRP: £33.40 / €38.99

Features and Specifications

• Built-in Thermal protection

• Adjustable VTx Power Output with Pit Mode

• Supports Betaflight Peripheral configuration

• Flexible VTx Power for Race & Freeride Flight

• Stealth Power Up Capability 

• One port for Led strip on board

• Fully Adjustable VTx and led strip with smartphone app

• U.FL connector

• Designed with R-XSR receiver

• Perfectly fit with PIKO F4 OSD (Mounting hole: 20 x 20 mm)

• Unlockable modes for US, EU and International. 

• 25mW - 0.4A ; 200mW - 0.75A (Test performed without receiver and LED Strip)

• Power with 5V input

• VTx Power: Pitmode(0.1mW)/25mW/200mW